The Club

Welcome to Riverside Sub-Aqua Club we are a small but friendly scuba diving club in North Essex.
The club caters for all ages and diving ability; beginners through to seasoned veterans who have been there, seen it and done it (or so they would have you believe), and yes they they do claim to have have the t-shirts to prove it even if they were purchased from some dodgy local beach bum loitering with intent around the dive boats :).
Salty sea tales are part of the course so be prepared for stories of daring-do and monsters even if they are more than a little embellished after a beer or two (please note we never drink and dive, watering down alcohol is strictly frowned upon)

We shoal together to improve our drinking skills opps I meant diving skills, to arrange dive trips, socialize and have a fun packed evening of debauchery! Congregating on the reef just outside Braintree, Essex, England each Wednesday evening at a pub, now you see where the fun comes in.

New members are always welcome, we promise not to eat you after all were not sharks   – why not come along and meet the crowd, it doesn’t matter if you have never dived or are an pro with 50 yrs we’d love to welcome you.

And for those who have never dived if you feel adventurous try out scuba diving with an introductory ‘try dive’ at one of our pool sessions.