Ocean diver

(Minimum age 14 years)

The Ocean Diver Award is the BS-AC’s first diving grade awarded within a Branch or Centre. Following the completion of a series of Classroom Lessons, Sheltered Water Lessons and Open Water Lessons, the award of Ocean Diver prepares the diver to enjoy their diving experience to a maximum of 20m and without incurring decompression stops.

Definition of an Ocean Diver
An Ocean Diver is defined as a diver who is competent to conduct dives:
  • With another Ocean Diver or with a Sports Diver, within the restrictions of the conditions already encountered during their training
  • With a Dive Leader or higher grade, to expand their experience beyond the conditions encountered during their training, under the supervision of a Dive Manager.
  • To a depth which is initially limited to the maximum experienced during training, but which can subsequently be extended progressively, under the supervision of a Nationally Qualified Instructor (NQI), to a maximum of 20m
  • Using breathing gas mixes of Air, Nitrox32 or Nitrox36
  • Not requiring mandatory decompression stops
  • Under the on-site supervision of a Dive Manager with respect to site selection, conditions and dive plan where other divers, capable of providing assistance and rescue, are available at the surface
  • Within BS-AC safe diving recommendations
Assessment Components
An Ocean Diver must successfully complete the following components:
  1. Attend lessons on diving knowledge
  2. Demonstrate a level of diving knowledge through a written Theory Paper
  3. Demonstrate their practical ability with a range of basic diving skills
  4. Demonstrate competence in planning and conducting a simple dive
  5. Demonstrate they have developed a suitable level of competence in their personal Rescue Skills including CBL and supporting an unconscious casualt