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Pool Dive
July 5th, 2011 by

We all had a Brill night at braintree pool night session my grandaughter came with us for 1st time and loved it (future club scuba diver in the making) with training going on.And one club diver 1st dive after spine op so all in all a very good night .

Training at Gildenburgh
June 20th, 2011 by

A training dive at Gildenburgh Dive Centre, near Whittlesey, Cambs, took place on 11th June. 3 members attended, the visibility (unusually!) was really good and all enjoyed 2 really good dives. The high spot of the day was when an experiment to see how far a delayed SMB would go above the surface when filled to capacity from 6m down… It broke the line on the reel and spectators on land found it an amusing sight!

Rhona the Instructor!

Phil in his drysuit.

The shot didn't quite make the pocket.....