Try dive

Ok so you got this far you fancy the idea of getting wet, blowing some bubbles and seeing some pretty neat stuff or to put it in another context one day to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Well whilst you may well attain that glorious feat, that bragging right, that pinnacle of adventure; I was the first to dive blah blah blah you know the score. Anyways firstly you need to see if this scuba diving adventurist lifestyle is really for you; are you a Jacques Cousteau or a Sylvia Earle (these were both pioneering divers) perhaps even a mermaid or a merman bound in this benign existence of land dwelling?
So now back to reality and why not find out by coming along to one of our pool evening and taking part in an Experience Scuba Diving session at Braintree Riverside pool in Essex.

  • Come and test those goals of yours in a friendly and safe environment with a dedicated instructor.
  • You don’t have to be a great swimmer or super fit, you just need to feel comfortable in a pool.
  • Try Dives are a chance for you to spend an evening experiencing the freedom of 3 dimensional movement, sub-aqua in the local Braintree swimming pool.
  • You will receive a full briefing, and have one to one instruction at all times by a fully qualified BSAC scuba instructor.
  • Try-Dives evenings can also be arranged for groups such as scouts, WI, outdoor activity clubs, indoor activity clubs etc.
  • For the measly sum of 10 of your Earth pounds (£10) per person which covers pool hire, instruction, equipment hire and completion certificate.
  • Contact us for more details on 07935 327157 or via email
  • Try-divers must be at least 12 years of age and be medically fit to take part in try-dive.