Aladdin Pro battery replacement

If you have an old Aladdin Pro (1st series) and the battery is dead don’t despair its pretty easy to change the battery all you need are a couple of tools; circlip pliers and soldering iron, an ‘O’ ring (I used one that fits in the valve on a air cylinder) and a new battery SL760/T. I got my battery from there are not many suppliers out there and for £5.40 it seamed a pretty good deal.
You can find kits on eBay with all bits but why pay £30 when you can do it for £6! Use the circlip pliers to unscrew the battery cover, slide the battery out; you will need to unsolder the wires as you go, solder in the new battery and replace the ‘O’ ring seal on the screw in cover with a tank ‘O’ ring; its a tight fit but it goes, I heated mine slightly in a microwave to make it a little more pliable. Once you have the new ‘O’ on just screw the batter cap back in its as simple as that, don’t over tighten as the threads are plastic and could easily strip.
Disclaimer, I take and accept no responsibility if you screw it up or for any reason it leaks, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this then take it too a dive store I am sure they will happily do it for you.