How conservative is your dive computer?

Yes that’s right in the last election did your dive computer vote Liberal or Conservative, whichever it was right and they got into power or more to the point it got you to the surface safely. So in the search for a new computer one of the point that keeps coming up on the forums is how liberal or conservative it the algorithm in the computer you dive by and how much difference will this make to the time you can spend underwater.

As we all understand this is not an exact science it’s dependent on your physiology, temperature, fitness, exertion and the difference between computer A and computer B no deco times can be 15 minutes or more bottom time so all considered its bloody amazing that more people don’t end up in trouble.

Now I am no expert but one comment I read did stand out ‘you can make a liberal computer conservative you can’t make a conservative one liberal’ yes that just like politics; that is the way of the Dark Side my son once you turn ….. So I think going liberal might not be a bad idea, its lets me take control of my situation and dive the way I want to dive and not be dictated to by a ‘nanny’ computer.

Here are a couple of interestign links, take a look at the charts on the second link and one starts to realise the implications.