Newhaven 27th/28th May

During the Friday of 26th May ten members from the club traveled to Newhaven, with the planing to come down next day,for a trip on Sea Zonesdive boat. The plan was to dive the T R Thompson and The City Of Brisbane, but as most bank holidays the weather had a better idea, with sea state 4-5 going on 7-8we were well and truly blown out.On the Saturday we just happened to find two dive shops in the area with Mark doing his usual trick of buying the shop out,but was still not allowed to order a new O- Thee suit. Still with the calling of the sea we popped into Brighton sea life center to see some fish the channel could not show us, with lots of comments of “do you remember that big one we saw in some far flung place in the world”.

A good evening was had at The Brewers Fayre with several comments of “well I am stuffed”,and that described the following days weather as well, so some went to Drucillas theme park were the fat controller was seen ( Mark takes offense at this comment) , and some go for a wander around Brighton (shopping).

On the Monday we finally had a chance to dive, so with Chris who came down for the day,we were bound for the wreck The City Of ¬†Brisbane only to find a rib with divers sitting onsite,so we decided to dive The Lancer a WW1 armed trawler sitting at 28 meters.The vis after the bad weather was as expected , about 2 meters, but with a good torch you could navigate the wreck,.It sits proud of the sea bed but is well broken up at the stern. The marine life was abundant with lots of Bib and Whiting around the wreck,and two large spider crabs having a “domestic”, ¬†with better vis this would be a good wreck that could be navigated in one dive.

It was decided to knock the drift dive on the head as the vis was so bad there would be nothing to see, and also Marks neck seal ripped (still cant order that O-Three suit).

Thanks to Mick of Sea Zones for his help and taking us out on an unscheduled trip I am sure we will use the boat again.And so back on the road for an easy trip home, thanks to all on the trip for making this a good one.