Cape Verde paradise in the sand.

11 Riverside members and partners popped over to Cape Verde for a very relaxing holiday, the 5 divers enjoyed 10 dives to a max depth of 30mts mostly reef/drift dives and 1 wreck, the viz was ok and the sea life was fantastic, loads to see from parrot fish, string rays, eels and many many more, photos will be uploaded soon.

the unnamed diver who forgot his stab jacket i can report did not stop complaining about it for all of the dives, then on the last day he thought he had left his camera in the dive school so we all waited patently for him to go back for it to reappear camera less, and he then found it in his goody bag. a different member mislaid his towel and shock horror could not dry and style his hair, this was nearly a bad hair day, had the non divers not been near by to assist him.

on a serious note all dives went well the divers as always showed their top skills with good bouancy control, and the look but don’t touch policy and all dives safely performed, this is one of the huge benefits from club trips we no each other, work as a team help each other when needed and this ensures safe diving practise and very enjoyable diving.

on the days we did not dive we relaxed on the white sand chatting and some getting merry, on one day Mark started to build a sand castle we all watched thinking we would see a lovely father and son bonding time, but alas poor Samuel could not get close his bucket and spade as daddy concentrated very hard to build a whole fort with mote and bridge their is photographic evidence to back this up.

we all enjoyed a day trip around the island by 4×4 traveling across the vast desert was a delight, Ellie and Rhona took to the Camels for a trip around the sand which was great fun and Rhona being Rhona took pictures of her own shadow while waving to herself their really is no hope for the rest of you. ok i hope to see some more holiday tales up here very soon and once i have picked through the pics my memory will be full of more little tales.