Cape Verde; whale song

Well the Riverside crew have managed their 3ed full day in Cape Verde, and what can we say 5 have done a days diving on the Atlantida 2, a reef dive to about 30meters, we were blessed with the sound of wales singing and chatting for the whole dive a very beautiful sound that we will remember for a long time.Then a second dive to 20 meters, apart from the sea sickness a good fun dive for all.

A member of our crew who will remain anonymous found he had forgotten his stab jacket so after being ribbed by his peers hired a stab and moaned about it the whole time, we have another 8 dives booked and looking forward to.

Today 6 of us walked 3miles along the beach to the capital sou……. and it was lovely, the boys speed-ed ahead of the ladies to kindly locate the first beach bar and do all safety checks on the local beer their, we continued to walk on by to the arranged pit stop, but did gather photographic evidence for reference, the two boys sharing a room together i can report are getting along very well indeed in fact they are becoming inseparable it is nice to see a special friendship blossoming. finally we are diving tomorrow so early sober nights all round.