Atlantica2 Boa Vista

Eleven of the club travelled to the island of Boa Vista at the end of April for 2 weeks of sun,sea and !!!!!!    diving. As this was a new venue, we had heard only scant reports on what to expect, the dive centre was fairly new and checking was done smoothly. Our first dive was on 30th April, and when we arrived at the centre our kit had already been assembled, apart from BCD which had left in uk by one of the team, he had other things on his mind at the time.

We were taken out to the divesite on a tender through the surf which could be rough at  stages. The diveboat, which was moored offshore was a 10 metre twin engined sheltered boat, and we were off to Atlantica 2 for our first dive, on entering the water we went down the shotline with our guide Kush, the first thing we could hear was the sound of humpback whales, which seems to be right on our tails, infact they could be several kilometres away.

Down at 28 metres marine life was abundant, with large parrot fish chomping at the coral and lobsters under every nook and cranny, and nice sized nudibranches adorning the rock faces. The vis was about 5-8metres and the temp around 23. After a bottom time of around 30 mins we ascended the anchor line back to the surface and onto the boat. Our second dive was only a short trip away and time to change the cylinders, for the next dive which was a shallower part of the reef, which was at 20metres for 34mins. Once again with the sound of the whales in our ears we dropped to the seabed to find good fishlife on this part of the reef, with a fair number of small moray eels amongst the rocks. Back on the boat again and into shore ended a good trip.

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